SEO and Search Audits

About Our SEO and Search Audits

What is Included in Your Custom SEO Audit

Every SEO and Search Audit includes a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of:

  • All critical on-page technical signals (URLs, Page Titles, H tags, Meta Descriptions, Internal Links, and more)
  • Analysis of your website’s Google ranking signals for Page Speed, Mobile Responsiveness, E.A.T., Backlinks Profile, Crawl Directives, and more)
  • A detailed review and analysis of your UX (User Experience) path including Image Optimizations, Naming Conventions, Category and Product Detail Page Structure, Path to Conversion, and more)
  • Intensive keyword research including Core Keywords, Buying-Intent Keywords, Volume Priority Keywords, Competitive Keyword Analysis, and Current SERP Visibility and Penetration

Deliverables of Your Brand Positioning Audit

You’ll get a comprehensive and extremely detailed report covering every aspect of all the above-listed SEO and search signals and profiles, as well as a detailed spreadsheet of all edits needed to bring structure, keywording and format of all technical signals up to best practice, and an analysis of how your brand positioning is deployed across your SEO and search programs and content.

The SEO and Search Audit Report, all keyword research, and the technicals modification report spreadsheet are yours to use and deploy through your in-house team or any developer you choose. We are also capable of handling most integrations and upgrades if you prefer (talk to us about this).

Cost of Your SEO and Search Audit

Every SEO and Search Audit is unique to accommodate the specifics of your website. Pricing and timing are dependent on complexity of site, number of pages and/or products, and level of current SEO powering. As a general reference, our SEO Audits are absolutely legendary, and can run from $2,500 to $25,000.

We never undertake an SEO and Search Audit unless we are confident we can provide exactly what your website, brand, products or service SEO needs.

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