The 4 Essential Elements

The 4 Essential Elements Of Positioning

Here we will explore a deeper look at each of the 4 Essential Elements required to properly craft your Positioning Matrix™.

The Fatal Mistake of Promoting a Brand’s Most Powerful Benefit

A little teaser of what’s to come, to spark your interest.

A critical milestone in crafting a brand’s winning positioning is framing the brand’s ‘Positioning Platform’, which as mentioned in a previous post is used to inform all marketing and messaging for that brand. This is especially important for content development, crafting marketing messages, and for SEO.

But to get to a perfect Positioning Platform we go through an exercise called The Positioning Matrix™ which is a mathematical model I’ve developed and refined over many years that I’ve used privately for clients with great success that leads to developing a truly winning positioning.

The Positioning Matrix is comprised of 4 ‘Essential Elements’, the first of which may contain a fatal trap, which many brands make, until they learn the second element (which I’ll discuss in a post tomorrow).

Let’s jump in on the first element:

The FIRST of the 4 critical elements that comprise a Positioning Platform must present a MEANINGFUL BENEFIT to the target consumer or prospect. This is kind of obvious, but it’s the nuance of getting this just right that will make or break a brand’s positioning.

Most companies make the mistake of incorporating what they believe is their MOST meaningful benefit, but this can be a FATAL mistake

Look at this example (oversimplified to make a point):

“Our vitamin tablet helps you live longer!”


“Our vitamin formula is easy to swallow!”

Which one is a more meaningful benefit? Of course, it’s ‘living longer’. Living longer is clearly more important that swallowing a pill a little easier.

But it could be a fatal mistake to use that as the Meaningful Benefit in building the brand’s positioning platform.

Why? Because of the SECOND Critical Element: PROVABILITY.

Stay tuned for my post on the Second Critical Element. You might be very surprised.