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Marty Marion

Brand Positioning Expert and Creator of The Positioning Matrix™

I’m Marty Marion

Hi, I’m Marty Marion, and it’s great to meet you! I teach brand owners, marketers, SEOs and agencies a unique method of exploding revenue by dominating your category and completely obsoleting your competitors.

My Positioning Matrix™ method is based on over 35 years’ experience as a big agency executive (think ‘Mad Men’), and private consulting to major brands in almost every niche with massive success. I’ve developed and refined this method throughout my career but have used it only privately for my clients… until now.

I’ve decided recently that this approach could be applied to start-ups and small to mid-sized businesses and brands who want an accelerated path to increased ROI and to establish themselves solidly as the leader in their category.

If you’re serious about taking your brand to a higher level, growing your market share quickly and overtaking your competitors, I’d love to share my knowledge with you and help you achieve the full revenue potential your brand is capable of. This is not beginner level stuff you’ve heard a million times, but it works just as well for beginners as it does for the biggest brands. This is a fast track to unlocking serious success for seriously motivated business owners and agencies.

Join my Master Positioning Program now, and I will personally teach you every aspect of brand positioning and help you create this powerful strategy for your brand or clients.  Click here to learn more or to join my Master Positioning Program now.

Positioning science and the art of de-positioning is a decisive way to overtake your competitors and your competition (and yes, they are different!), grow market share and ROI substantially, and establish an irresistible message to dominate your category. I’d love to share this with you and help your brand, service or agency put the power of positioning science behind your bottom line.

This isn’t like anything you’ve heard or been taught before. I’ve always believed it’s better to outsmart your competitors than try and out-spend them. Positioning is the platform upon which all successful marketing – in all channels – depends. It’s where to start. And if, for any reason, your current brand positioning and branding isn’t all it should be, this is the way to fix it fast.

Step up your game and join me for a ride to higher ROI. My free PDF White Paper is the place to start. For truly advanced, in-depth tutorials, lessons, videos and a lot more, please JOIN MY MASTER POSITIONING PROGRAM HERE!

Marty Marion
CEO and Partner
Master Positioning, LLC

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