Clearing Up Confusion About Competition

Positioning Knocks Out Competition

Confused About Competition? In The Positioning Matrix™, I talk a lot about the critical tactic of ‘de-positioning’ which is meant to influence the way your target consumers (or for agencies and consultants, your target client prospects) make their ‘purchasing decision’ about whether to buy or use your brand, product or service. The essence of all […]

Competitors Are Not The Competition

Competitors Are Not The Competition MAKE SURE YOU’RE TARGETING THE RIGHT ONE WTF? No, it’s not just another example of semantics or conflation of language, it’s another example of misuse of terminology that got swept up into the lexicon of marketing language and is now – unfortunately – used interchangeably. And while you might think […]

Competitive De-Positioning

Competitive De-Positioning THE WIN FOR COMPETITIVE COMPARISON If brand positioning is the science and art of creating and deploying messages that create perceptions in the minds of your target markets, and if we accept that it’s the sum of all the perceptions your market has about your company or brand that creates and cements your […]