Clearing Up Confusion About Competition

Positioning Knocks Out Competition

Confused About Competition? In The Positioning Matrix™, I talk a lot about the critical tactic of ‘de-positioning’ which is meant to influence the way your target consumers (or for agencies and consultants, your target client prospects) make their ‘purchasing decision’ about whether to buy or use your brand, product or service. The essence of all […]

Brand Identity Is Not Brand Image Is Not Brand Positioning

Brand Identity is Not Brand Image |

There’s a difference between brand identify and brand image. And it makes all the difference in the world. We live in an era of mass information and with that comes mass confusion. The world of marketing is no stranger to the concepts of confusion, conflation of ideas, and even outright misdirection. But as the world […]

The Empowered Consumer Requires Better Positioning

The Empowered Consumer - Master Positioning Brand Positioning

The Empowered Consumer Challenge POSITIONING MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE The explosion of digital marketing over the past decade has created the most complex challenge of all for brand owners, marketers, consultants and agencies: the ‘Empowered Consumer’. The Empowered Consumer demands more, needs more, expects more than ever before.  And when the Empowered Consumer makes a […]

Your Branding Is Killing Your Brand

Marketing evolves quickly, and takes a lot of turns as people, companies, consultants and agencies try this tactic and that, testing to see what works. Innovations are frequent and while some might survive the test of time, most won’t. That’s probably because not everything that impacts consumer decisions and purchasing behavior is under the brand’s […]

Branding vs Positioning – What’s the Difference?

Branding vs Positioning

Branding vs. Positioning – What’s The Difference? WHY MARKETERS NEED TO KNOW THIS! As a practitioner and teacher of brand positioning for more than 35 years, it was just a matter of time before the question “What’s the difference between branding and positioning?” was posed.  I was asked this today by a longtime associate who […]

Re-Positioning: When It’s Time For A Change In Direction

Re-Positioning | Master Positioning

Re-Positioning: When It’s Time To Change Direction   RE-POSITIONING: DETOUR AHEAD! Re-positioning is the deployment of a major change in positioning for a brand, service, company or product. This can be quite a challenge, especially for well-established or strong brands, and for those who have made their current positioning too narrow. Remember, positioning is the […]