I’m Marty Marion

Branding / Positioning / SEO Expert
Author: The Positioning Matrix™

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Brand Positioning

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Positioning + Messaging
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In the digital universe your brand message is conveyed across many channels that ALL need to work together. It starts with crafting a truly compelling Positioning Platform that informs all your marketing. Then you use it to dominate your niche, out-rank and out-flank your competitors.

I’ll show you how it’s done.


Influence consumers to demand your brand


Out-smart your competitors, don't out-spend them


Eliminate the guesswork from your marketing


Dominate your niche decisively


Generate more business than ever before


Do something humanitarian with all the extra cash

What Is Positioning?
Who Is Positioning For?

Positioning controls how consumers behave towards your brand and taking complete control over consumer decision-making and purchasing of your products and services. It’s the foundation for successful branding and informs all digital and offline marketing and messaging.  You need it.  Positioning is for brand owners, agencies, consultants, SEOs, marketers, content developers and advertisers. But only if you want to win big.

Brand Owners

Own a brand or company? I already know you need more customers and more revenue.  I know how to make this happen, and I’ll show you, and am available to help you achieve this quickly.

Marketing Directors

Responsible for the success of a brand or multiple brands?  I’ve directed omni-channel marketing for major brands in almost every niche imaginable.  I’ll work with you to show you how I’ve achieved massive success for clients for over 30 years using advanced tactics to make brands irresistible and dominate their niches.

Agencies & Marketing Consultants

Handle marketing, websites, SEO for multiple clients.  I’ve been a principal and consultant in marketing, branding and SEO for many agencies large and small, and for multiple consultants, driving significant increases in revenue and lower costs.  I’ll help you win, and win big.

Content Creators

Content is king, as we all know.  And you’re the king maker.  But there’s content, and then there’s content that compels consumers to take the actions you need them to take to generate higher revenue, brand loyalty, switch to your brand, and rank high in organic search.  Whatever content you’re creating, I’ll show you how to take it to a higher level of bottom line success.


Ads, as you know, have a purpose: drive leads, generate traffic, make sales, build and support brands, and increase LTV.  When ad creatives and messages are powered with the science of positioning they perform better and generate higher ROAS.  I’ll help you take your advertising to a higher level of success quickly, not matter what platform you’re placing ads on.

About Me

With over 40 years experience as a big agency executive (think Mad Men), and having consulted to and directed highly successful branding, strategic planning and digital marketing for major brands in almost every niche, I have a unique combination of positioning science and digital marketing expertise that can make a huge impact on your bottom line.

If you’re serious about taking your brand to a higher level, growing your market share, and overtaking your competitors, I’d love to share my knowledge with you and help you achieve the full revenue potential your brand is capable of. This is not beginner level stuff you’ve heard a million times. This is a fast track to unlocking serious success for serious brands.

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“Marty Marion is hands down the best strategic and operational brand positioning genius I have ever worked with. I invest in dozens of online and offline companies and have had my biggest successes when Marty gives his two cents. No one has a better understanding of how businesses and brands need to be positioned to thrive in today’s marketplace. Working with him has put me way ahead of my competition on numerous ventures.”

Sean Brown

CEO and Founder, Go VC

“Marty Marion is one of the top digital marketers I know.”

Steve Wiideman

Co-Founder and President, Wiideman Consulting Group

Marty Marion is a marketing genius.  He works with some of the biggest brands in the world.  Any nuggets of information we can get from him are worth their weight in gold!

Noah Lopata

Founder and CEO, Epidemic Marketing

“For over 10 years, I have been professionally engaged with Marty Marion on a number of large and crucial brand initiatives. He not only grasps the power and nuances of brand positioning for competitive advantage, but has innovated powerful means to integrate this positioning science across all marketing channels seamlessly in delivering client brand dominance within their market niche.

Robert N. Samuels

Chief Executive Officer, One Source Partners

“Thank you to Marty Marion! He has been more than generous with his time. He walked me through his brilliant Positioning Matrix whitepaper. He reviewed my ecommerce site and provided actionable feedback – if you are able, book some time with him, you won’t regret it!”

Nyssa Cromwell

Owner, Content Marketing Expert, Nyche Internet Marketing

I am a top producer in the online marketing world and Admin in all the top marketing groups on Facebook.  I have found Marty Marion to be one of the most knowledgeable marketers I know.  I totally trust all of his knowledge and expertise!  Highly recommend his FB group, his consulting services, and the valuable lessons I have learned from him.

Chris Colvard

Founder & CEO, Result Hawk Media

“Marty Marion is an experienced SEO with a specialty in large e-commerce sites, but his secret sauce is a unique approach to how branding and positioning impacts all marketing channels, especially SEO.  He’s the founder of the FB group, Master Positioning Insiders, and was a principal of a two large ad agencies serving many well-known brands.

Marty has developed a math-based model called The Positioning Matrix that he teaches to brands, agencies, marketers and consultants to help them gain an advantage over competitors in their niche.”

Steven Kang

Founder & Admin, SEO Signals Lab

Marty is bringing marketing to a whole new level with his understanding and expertise of brand positioning. You won’t find anyone else that understands positioning and branding more, and his tips are invaluable to both business owners and agencies.

Marie Ysais

Founder and CEO, Ysais SEO

“MASSIVE SHOUTOUT… I just got off a call with Marty Marion. He showed me a “MARKETING” process and tool you can use in your business that is amazing. Literally what he showed me how to do in one hour would normally take me 20 hours OR MORE. For those of you who don’t know me, I have been a healthcare professional and professional marketer for over 23 years. So when I say this is a BIG DEAL, I really mean it. Thank you Marty Marion.”

Dr. Adam Arnold

Founder, Web Profit Maximiser

Resources From Me To You

The Positioning Matrix

The Positioning Matrix™

Free PDF of Marty Marion’s proprietary model and White Paper: The Positioning Matrix™.  Start here and see how to dominate your niche and outflank your competitors. Instant PDF download.

1 on 1 Consultation

Live 1-on-1 Consultations

Book a live 1-on-1 intensive Skype session with me personally.  I’ll work with you and show you the challenges and opportunities I see for your brand positioning and marketing messaging. Limited availability.


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