Book An Intensive 1-on-1 Review For Your Brand / Agency

It’s impossible to provide accurate or in-depth opinions, information or advice for you, your brand, service or company without actually discussing your specific objectives and challenges, and conducting an in-depth review with you. So I offer a no-sales pitch, one-hour (yeah it usually runs longer, but that’s OK) live Skype session with me personally. Spaces are very limited so reserve one now.

How This Works

We’ll do this live session on Skype (or Zoom if you prefer), and get right into a deep review and consultation (even if it runs up to 2 hours, we’ll do what’s necessary to get the job done right). It is NOT superficial and there is no selling; we just get to work for your brand immediately. I dive deeply into your brand, your site, your competition, your target audience and I work with you to craft the foundation of a winning brand positioning platform.

For Mastermind Members, these consulting and positioning development sessions are offered for US$500, they are regularly $1,000, so the savings on even one session more than covers the cost of your Mastermind Membership for 6 months!  You want this. Availability is very limited, and booked on a first-come-first-served basis.

All worldwide time zones are accommodated, so find an available date and time, and book your session here now.  You’ll get a confirmation email and we will hit the ground running.

The”Live Skype Consult” is a real working session.  The “60 Minute General Review” is an introductory discovery call only.